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Faery Magick by Sirona Knight

By Sirona Knight

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There is a constant exchange of energy. A magickal garden is a place where you can connect with Nature, and as such, draw in the energy of the faery. Plant flowers and plants that express who you are. Roses are fragrant, gladiolus are showy and elegant, and candytuft have delicate, snowy flowers that eventually spread everywhere. No matter how large or small your garden is, the most important thing is that it is a place you want to be, a place where you and the faery can communicate. If you’re trying to attract certain types of faeries, then you might want to set up certain conditions in your garden, such as a waterscape, wooded area, or place where there is lots of flowers.

Recovering from my initial surprise and fright, I stand with my hand resting against the ash tree and I crane my head to look down the gaping crack. I hesitate and move closer, more out of curiosity than caution. As I look down the opening, I see a path descending into the depths, leading to a land beyond. As if being guided by an unseen hand, I enter the hole. Instead of being surrounded by darkness as I first expected, the underground cave is illuminated with a crepuscular light whose source emanates somewhere behind the distant shadows that stand before me.

You must always be respectful of the faery energy, including your actions toward plants and animals. Many faeries and magickal beings have become disillusioned with humans’ treatment of Nature. It is because of this that they stay away from people, and if contacted, they can be hostile. Like some animals, they have learned to fear and be wary of the human attitude toward Nature. They have plenty of reasons to feel and act in this way. Humans use chainsaws to cut through trees without thinking of the life they are ending.

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