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Epitaxial Growth by J Matthews (Eds.)

By J Matthews (Eds.)

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Recent Progr. Surface Sci. 3 , 23. Philadelphia, Pashley , D . W . , an d Stowell , M . J . Proc. Int. Conf. Electron Microsc, 5th, 1962 (S. S. ) , Pape r G G - 1 . A c a d e m i c Press , N e w York . Pashley , D . W. , Menter , J . W. , an d Bassett , G . A . (1957). Nature (London) 179, 752. Pashley , D . W. , Stowell , M . J. , Jacobs , . H. , an d Law , T . J . (1964). Phil. Mag. 10, 127. Phillips , V. A . (1960). Phil. Mag. 5, 571. Poppa , H . (1962). Phil. Mag. 7 , 1 0 1 3 . Poppa , H . (1964).

It is obviously due to such interest that semiconductors become the subject of this review. We choose to discuss compound semiconductors not only because of their wide range of properties that attract an ever-growing attention, but also because of the complication in achieving stoichiometry, which requires special consideration. The growth of films of elemental semi› conductors such as Ge and Si is generally simple in comparison, and may be readily achieved by conventional evaporation techniques.

The source upon heating would progressively become Sn-rich similar to the behavior of GaAs. However, unlike GaAs, the molecular vapor of SnTe remains existent and dominant. For the various compounds in this group of materials, one is referred to the review article by Strauss and Brebrick (1968) that summarized all the informa› tion regarding the phase diagrams and the vapor pressures. Works since then include those by Blair and Munir (1970a,b) on PbS and SnSe, Hansen et al. (1969) on PbSe, and Pashinkin et al (1969) on GeSe.

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