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Engineers Notebook II. A Handbook Of Integrated Circuit by Forrest M Mims

By Forrest M Mims

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C. Enz and G. C. Temes, “Circuit techniques for reducing the effects of op-amp imperfections: autozeroing, correlated double sampling, and chopper stabilization,” Proceedings of IEEE, vol. 84, no. 11, pp. 1584-1614, Nov. 1996. 3. M. Snoeij, M. Ivanov, “A 36 V JFET-input bipolar operational amplifier with 1 μV/°C maximum offset drift and –126 dB total harmonic distortion,” ISSCC, pp. 248–249, Feb. 2011. 4. Viola Schaffer, Martijn F. Snoeij, Mikhail V. Ivanov, and Dimitar T. Trifonov, “A 36 V Programmable Instrumentation Amplifier With Sub-20 µV Offset and a CMRR in Excess of 120 dB at All Gain Settings,” IEEE J.

The difference is then that instead of a full cycle of ripple, only a quarter cycle of the ripple is detected during one switching cycle. However, this choice will increase the power consumption of the integrator opamp, since its bandwidth must be at least 5 × higher than fS. An even lower fS is also possible, but any switching non-idealities such as charge injection and clock feed-through associated with S1–S6 could result in residual ripple at fS. This residual ripple can only be filtered by the CCOPA itself.

2 A block diagram of a capacitively coupled chopper IA 34 3 Capacitively Coupled Chopper Amplifiers biased in weak inversion. And its input-referred noise voltage VnGm1 can be calculated as follows [6]: VnGm1 ¼ Cin1;2 þ Cfb1;2 þ Cp1;2 Â Vn1 Cin1;2 ð3:7Þ where Cp1,2 are the parasitic capacitors at the input of Gm1, which includes the gate capacitances of the input transistors, the parasitic capacitances associated with Cin1,2 between the virtual ground (Va in Fig. 2) and ground, the layout parasitics.

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