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Energy Magic:: The Patterns and Techniques of EmoTrance: v. by Silvia Hartmann

By Silvia Hartmann

The styles and strategies of EmoTrance, quantity three

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They probably won’t want to look at them, get very stressed out about them, and the whole thing is just a mess and a chaos. Now what these beginner magicians would do if they got a hold of a manual on magic, they would just ask for more money to alleviate the pain, right? But that doesn’t work. That is like shouting for more morphine if in fact you have a bullet in your chest. It doesn’t help. 63 Your systems know this and so you can pray and pray and pray, and witch and magic and call in the angels, the demons, the saints – you are not going to get any move on it AT ALL.

Magic doesn’t work. It isn’t real. Oh, but I knew it ... ” The thing is with magic and all energy work, INTENTION really counts. You can’t lie here in the real Universe. You can’t lie, you can’t pretend, and you can’t be any better than you really are. In Muppetville, you can go and see a plastic surgeon and plaster on a lot of paint and then you “look” as though you’re healthy. On the energy levels, it doesn’t fool anybody. They see you for the Picture of Dorian Grey you truly are – haha! For example, in self healing we must thereby ask for the injury to be healed, and NOT for the pain to be taken away, because your systems would resist that.

Winning the lottery isn’t luck, it’s actually nothing, really. How is that going to make you any happier? It’s so not, is it. It is one of these illusions that you hold up to the inmates of the concentration camp, as a fake target to dream towards, so that they don’t think of leaving it. The illusion says that if you win the lottery, people will start to love you and respect you, that you can buy health, youth and good feelings and that you don’t have to be afraid any more, right? That’s the lie; of course, it isn’t what REALLY happens when people win the lottery.

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