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Eden Burning: A Classic Love Story by Elizabeth Lowell

By Elizabeth Lowell

The severe ardour and storytelling magic of recent York instances bestselling writer Elizabeth Lowell blazes during this awesome reimagined vintage of hope, wish, and unsafe destiny-as the fires of Eden burn warmer than ever before.

Eden Burning

Paradise calls to Chase Wilcox. a guy of technological know-how occupied with the rebirth of lifestyles within the wake of cataclysmic usual upheaval, he's attracted to the plush fantastic thing about the island of Hawaii and the secrets and techniques it holds -- whereas escaping the destruction of his personal own international. right here the place hot breezes caress the outside and colourful shades attack the senses -- and the place harmful fires rage unseen underneath the earth's floor -- Chase plans to immerse himself in his work...and in some way heal and overlook. the very last thing he wants or needs is love.

But the island is domestic to many unforeseen wonders, that is why Nicole Ballard may well by no means depart it. A examine assistant, an artist, and a dancer -- a tall, wonderful redhead who is going by means of the level identify of Pele, the goddess of fireside -- she, too, hides a mystery ache, freeing her pent-up sensuality to the accompaniment of local drums ahead of a mesmerized viewers. Nicole hasn't ever met a guy particularly like Chase, robust, excessive, and significant. And he, in flip, is enthusiastic about this amazing lady who appears a panoramic strength of nature in her personal correct. destiny has forged them jointly, inflicting a series response that neither imagined of their so much mystery dreams.

Joined on a massive medical undertaking that consists of them into the verdant center of a tropical ask yourself land, Nicole and Chase may be compelled to confront their very own lingering internal darkness, whereas resisting a newly infected have to contact, to care. yet within the shadows of Kilauea, all restraints could be damaged, as feelings movement as scorching and loose as rivers of molten lava. And hope will erupt, as unpredictable and hazardous because the dwelling volcano, remodeling the very panorama in their lives -- a torrent that no strength on the earth can include, a keenness that bums like fire.

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Chase’s voice was as sardonic as the line of his mouth. Dane simply shook his head. ” Irritation and fatigue got the better of Chase. ” Dane winced at the bitterness in his brother’s words. “Nicole doesn’t sleep around. ” Dane’s smile was all teeth. ” Beneath the table, Chase’s hands balled into fists again. His brother was heading for disaster and didn’t even see it coming. The laughter and affection in Dane’s voice when he talked about Nicole made Chase want to hit something. His brother, for instance.

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