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Djinn Summoning by Dalida Carta

By Dalida Carta

During this booklet you are going to learn,almost all what i do know at the Djinns and Exorcism!Djinn Summoning creation, Believers Djinns, evidence that solomon had Djinn to its carrier, Summoning a Djinn Formula,Djinn Picture,Formula to summona particular Djinn, Enchant your PersonalDjinn/Genie, extra Djinn Binding Formel creation, extra Djinn Binding Formel,Hou to touch along with your Djinn,Hou to do a touch with aDjinn incense,Hou to do a Astral trip Incense, colours of Orbs, Hou to do a Meditations Incense,Hou to do a Dream Incense,Exorcism Introduction,Catholic exorcism,Exorcism Formulates invocativ,Mandatory formulation, nice exorcism,Sprinkle of the blessed Water,Litanies of the Saints,Imposition of the hands,Renunciation, occupation of Faith,The gentleman愀 Prayer,The signal of the Cross,Formulas of Exorcism,Invocativa Formulates,Mandatory formulation, ceremony of Conclusion,Evangelical exorcism.

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Djinn Picture during a manifestation clearly show, you enliven that happen on the place. You can see his face 30 Djinn Picture during a manifestation clearly show, you enliven that happen on the place. You can see his face 31 Introduction to the Formula: Enchant your Personal Djinn / Genie If your have a Djinn Item that doesn't manifest, this it´s the formula that you have to use, to make that your djinn manifest to you, Preparation: 1 - you write the name of your Djinn or another Spirits on a leaflet of paper, 2 - you put the leaflet of paper in a glass of drinkable water, 3 - it waits for 10 – 15 minutes, 4 - you remove the leaflet of paper from the glass, 5 - you washes your face with the water of the glass, 6 - Say a number to tall voice for three times (example 9) 7 - Now begins to read the formula: Enchant Your Personal Djinn / Genie, 32 Enchant your Personal Djinn/Genie I Summon----------by The Names of Ha-qadosch, Berakha, Chaioth, Haquadosch, Auphanim, Aralim, Chasmalim, Seraphim, Malachim, Elohim, Beni-elohim, Kerubim, Ishim, And by the Sacred name of, 12 Letter of Which each letter is a Name of Angel and Letters of Name are Aleph, Beth, Beth, Nun, Vau, Resh, Vau, Cheth, He, Qoph, 33 Daleth shin by the Names and by all other holy names, We Summon ye and Conjure ye, By The Name of one True God, Alpha Omega, I Am That I Am, Oh Lord God who seated upon The heavens, and who reguard the Abysses Beneath, Grant unto Me Thy Grace I Beseech Thee, So That what I Conceive in Mind I may Accomplish in my Work, Through Thee I Summon,---------------- By Holy Names God Spoke to Moses, JOSTA OGLAY KAYLEE ABLOTAY .

Meditation: When we relax there and we assemble we can notice all the movements around us, knowing that in your house you have a Djinn, you have to assemble you on your Djinn, then you notice his movements or in that point of the room finds. Ghost meter: if this and ` the first time that you have a Djinn Item, I recommend you to buy a Ghost meter, this way you can know when it draws near (the ghost Meter plays when it draws near your djinn). with the time when you become family with the Djinn energy you will always feel, when your Djinn it´s nearby.

This is only to be rarely used, it involves time & place distortion with a many of other things. Orbs color: All the Djinns communicate their feelings, through the colors, In so many pictures you can see the orbs, in base to the orbs colors you can understand the feelings of your Djinn and also the Talents of your Djinn. Looks orbs chart of page 55. 47 Hou to do a contact with a Djinn incense 2 Parts Myrrh 1 Part Wood Aloe a few drop Iris Oil ( if you want to contact a Male Djinn ) or a few drop lavender's oil ( if you want to contact a Female Djinn ) Burn to contact your Djinn during meditations or when you call your Djinn, to ask him a Wish.

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