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Devil’s Bible by Lianna Satanas Diabolique

By Lianna Satanas Diabolique

“Devil’s Bible” is now the top rfile of conventional Satanism, grounded in sensible concept, religious concentration, and real Satanic self-reliance that has been strange of such a lot different courses discussing theistic Satanism. “Devil’s Bible” isn't a instruction manual authored to make sheep out of seekers of Satanic information and elevate the rolls of someone’s cult of character. “Devil’s Bible” calls for just a own commitment to devil, and describes self-initiation, behavioral suggestions, and useful suggestion for residing as a real Satanist. whereas conventional Satanist teams stay governed by way of small-mindedness and tear themselves except the interior, “Devil’s Bible” teaches a Satanist the way to be a Satanist with no the necessity for a corporation. this can be the litmus attempt so that you can degree all different conventional Satanists and theories through, seperating the reversed Christian from the genuine worshipper of the Dark..

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We should seek out inspiration, truth, and beauty in all things, and live without fear or guilt. As Satanists, we embrace the power of the self. The pressures and paradigms of our society may still have an affect upon us, but as Satanists we are better equipped with tools to resist. We take pleasure in being, without apology or remorse. 52 BEING A TRADITIONAL SATANIST What does it mean to be a “Traditional Satanist”, to separate one’s self not only from the herd mentality of mass society but also from the dogmatism of Secular Satanism?

We can act safe in the knowledge that all we will to be is a tribute to Satan, and we only need to persevere or adapt to grow in Satan. It is the idea that knowledge is power; if that is so, then knowledge of the self is power of the self, and in Satan we can be truly powerful beings indeed! 58 WHAT TRADITION? Questions arise when we discuss “Traditional Satanism” as to what we mean by “tradition”. Satanism since its modern inception has been partially a progression of redefining terms; some claiming that we are creating new definitions and some claiming we are reclaiming original meanings.

I allow everyone to follow the dictates of his own nature, but he that opposes me will regret it sorely. No god has a right to interfere in my affairs, and I have made it an imperative rule that everyone shall refrain from worshiping all gods. All the books of those who are without are altered by them; and they have declined from them, although they were written by the prophets and the apostles. That there are interpolations is seen in the fact that each sect endeavors to prove that the others are wrong and to destroy their books.

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