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DarkMarket: how hackers became the new mafia [cyberthieves, by Misha Glenny

By Misha Glenny

The advantages of dwelling in a electronic, globalized society are huge, immense; so too are the risks. the realm has turn into a legislation enforcer’s nightmare and each criminal’s dream. We financial institution on-line; store on-line; date, research, paintings and reside on-line. yet have the associations that preserve us secure at the streets realized to guard us within the burgeoning electronic international? Have we develop into complacent approximately our own security—sharing our ideas, ideals and the main points of our day-by-day lives with a person who may care to alleviate us of them?
In this interesting and compelling booklet, Misha Glenny, writer of the overseas most sensible vendor McMafia, explores the 3 primary threats dealing with us within the twenty-first century: cybercrime, cyberwarfare and cyberindustrial espionage. Governments and the non-public area are wasting billions of bucks every year struggling with an ever-morphing, frequently invisible and infrequently supersmart new breed of legal: the hacker.
Glenny has traveled and trawled the area. by way of exploring the increase and fall of the legal web site DarkMarket he has exposed the main brilliant, alarming and illuminating tales. no matter if JiLsi or Matrix, Iceman, grasp Splynter or Lord Cyric; even if Detective Sergeant Chris Dawson in Scunthorpe, England, or Agent Keith Mularski in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Glenny has tracked down and interviewed all of the players—the criminals, the geeks, the police, the safety specialists and the victims—and he areas all people and every thing in a wealthy brew of politics, economics and history.
The result's easily unputdownable. DarkMarket is authoritative and fully engrossing. It’s a must-read for everybody who makes use of a working laptop or computer: the basic crime e-book for our instances.

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GSA’s two founders comprised the total original workforce, which has since expanded to include several dozen highly skilled engineers. Like all businesses where success drives expansion, GSA grew in an exciting but haphazard fashion. Its engineers would be contracted to mammoth projects in places as far apart as Iran, China and Venezuela. The specialist nature of their work and the zero room for error in their calculations required some powerful computer programs. In particular, they ran so-called CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software that offered intricate 2D and 3D simulation of projects.

Along with the files, there was the software for an MSR206. This device is probably the most important weapon in the arsenal of the credit-card fraudsters, who are known by the generic term ‘carders’. With this, the carder can ‘clone’ a credit card. This means copying all the information on the magnetic strip at the back and pasting it onto a piece of blank white plastic with an empty magnetic strip. The MSR206 is a personal mint. Dawson also found key logging trojans on the files. These are to the criminal hacker what a jemmy is to the safe-cracker.

Judges and attorneys were struggling to come to terms with this peculiar culture as anyone else does, when confronted with malfeasance on the Web for the first time. So the core of the story lies in the personalities involved and their actions. This testimony is of course largely based on their personal memories stretching back over a decade. Beneath the well-established fallibility of recall, all players involved were pursuing their own agendas, seeking to highlight some parts of their DarkMarket activity and conceal others.

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