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Constipation. Etiology, Evaluation and Mgmt by Steven D. Wexner, Graeme S. Duthie, D.C.C. Bartolo

By Steven D. Wexner, Graeme S. Duthie, D.C.C. Bartolo

The one booklet to deal in particular with constipation for experts has been up-to-date to incorporate all of the new advances because the first version (1995). those advances contain biofeedback, surgical procedure for constipation, sacral nerve stimulation, using laparoscopy for rectal prolapse, treament and our knowing of a few of the mental difficulties of those sufferers. strategies additionally contain Professor Norman Williams’ Malone process and the more recent pharmacologic remedies comparable to nitric oxide and botulinum toxin injections.

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The etiology of such strictures may be due to inflammatory processes such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, endometriosis (Fig. 2), or diverticular disease. Adjuvant radiation therapy may also result in stricture or obstruction. Strictures may also occur at areas of prior anastomosis. , hemorrhoidectomy) or inflammatory bowel disease. Volvulus may occur at the level of the sigmoid or transverse colon or cecum. Generally, the onset of volvulus is abrupt and presents with the same signs and symptoms as obstruction.

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