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Conscious Dying: Psychology of Death and Guidebook to by Benito F. Reyes

By Benito F. Reyes

Publication approximately liberation from the wheel of lifestyles from a realistic point of view. plenty of workouts.

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Man is the Unknown, said Alexis Carrell. Man is the Unconscious, said Carl G. Jung. Man is the Body, says official science. Man is mortal, and death ends everything—this cannot but be the only possible conclusion from such premises. But man is not really unknown, and he is not really unconscious, if he would only liberate his mind from the illusions of identification with the physical body, the obfuscation of identification with emotions and thoughts and the hypnosis of identification with the false self, or the ego.

Thus, we live our lives as in a dream, without control and without governance. The nidanas are in full sway in our lives, from birth to death and from death to rebirth, bludgeoning us into retribution according to karmic law, and making us whirl again and again upon the Wheel of Birth and Death, suffering, suffering, suffering. Only, while turns this wheel invisible, No pause, no peace, no staying-place can be; Who mounts will fall, who falls may mount; the spokes Go round unceasingly. The important thing to realize at this juncture is that as long as we have no cybernetic control of the energies of consciousness (nidanas), they will operate according to karma to bring about birth, death, and rebirth.

Chapter Two The Three Wheels of Life The creator of all the illusions discussed in the preceding chapter is the mind. There is no need to prove this statement by arguments. All that one has to do is to observe his own mind at work and he is sure to discover how it creates ideas and images of all kinds. These ideas and images, right or wrong, or good or bad, generate the kind of life we live, produce the kind of environment we live in, and mold the kind of person we are. This fundamental law of how the mind works and how its energy shapes our character and determines our life and destiny was long ago pointed out clearly in the first two verses of the Dhanimapada of Buddhism.

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