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Collected Leonard J Arrington Mormon History Lectures by Usu Special Collections Special

By Usu Special Collections Special

The 1st ten lectures in Leonard J. Arrington Mormon heritage Lecture sequence are the following gathered in a single quantity for the 1st time. The sequence, validated by way of one of many twentieth-century West’s such a lot amazing historians, Leonard Arrington, has develop into a number one discussion board for fashionable historians to handle themes on the topic of Mormon historical past. the 1st lecturer was once Arrington himself. He used to be via Richard Lyman Bushman, Richard E. Bennett, Howard R. Lamar, Claudia L. Bushman, Kenneth W. Godfrey, Jan Shipps, Donald Worster, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, and F. Ross Peterson. Utah nation collage hosts the Leonard J. Arrington Mormon background Lecture sequence. The college Libraries’ distinctive Collections and files homes the Arrington assortment. The state’s land furnish collage all started accumulating documents very early, and within the Sixties grew to become an enormous depository for Utah and Mormon files.

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He was a “natural” diplomat, ready conversationalist, and popular speaker. , to lobby for the church, undertook several short-term religious missions, and, as mentioned earlier, supervised the Deseret News. “More than any of the Mormon leaders,” as Orson F. ”40 Cannon was a counselor to Brigham Young, 1873–1877, to John Taylor, 1877–1887, to Wilford Woodruff, 1887–1898, and to Lorenzo Snow, 1898–1901. He was Utah’s elected delegate to Congress in 1872 and served nine years. With his affable and engaging manner, his knowledge of departments and functions of government, and his wide acquaintance with people, he was a human book of ready reference.

A swampy patch of ground covered the divide, and in high water season, a canoe could traverse it without portaging, making it possible theoretically to canoe from the Gulf of St. Lawrence through the lakes, up the Chicago River and across the portage to the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers and finally to New Orleans, all without leaving the water. Developers immediately saw that a relatively short canal could connect Chicago on Lake Michigan to the tributaries of the Mississippi, putting the Great Lakes in touch with the Gulf of Mexico.

But the New England comparison can only be carried so far. Joseph’s city of Zion is not a replica of a New England village transported to 40 Arrington Mormon History Lectures the frontier. Zion was a city, not a village or even a town. In 1830, the largest city in the West, St. Louis, had only ten thousand inhabitants, compared to Zion’s projected fifteen to twenty thousand. 5 Joseph’s city was larger than any city he had ever seen, save Cincinnati, which he visited on his way to Missouri in 1831 and which had about twenty-nine thousand inhabitants.

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