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Characterization of Integrated Circuit Packaging Materials by Thomas Moore

By Thomas Moore

Chapters during this quantity deal with vital features of IC applications. Analytical recommendations acceptable for IC package deal characterization are verified via examples of the dimension of severe functionality parameters and the research of key technological difficulties of IC applications. matters are mentioned which have an effect on quite a few package deal kinds, together with plastic surface-mount programs, airtight programs, and complicated designs corresponding to flip-chip, chip-on-board and multi-chip models.

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At the same time, however, MC-B exhibits a substantially smaller line movement than ex­ pected based on the stress level only. A partial explanation may be that the peel adhe­ sion strength of MC-B is much greater than that of MC-A. It thus appears that adhesion strength may become a deciding factor, providing the stress levels are equal. Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) It is worthwhile to examine the HAST (testing of device electrical integrity as a function of exposure time at 145 °C and 85% RH ) results in light of the adhesion strengths of the mold compounds involved.

This indicates that adhesion plays a vital role in package delamination. None of the devices cracked during the VPR operation. Unlike the MC/lead frame interface, the MC/Si die interface showed excellent adhesion, resulting in neither cracking nor delamination. SDIP exposure, however, caused considerable damage in terms of package delamination as well as cracking. 17 illustrates the relationships between both percent cracking and adhesion strength as a function of percent moisture absorption for both MC-300 and -302.

3, it is then easy to calculate the work of adhesion, Wa. 3. Work of Adhesion in the Presence of Moisture and Lubricants The work of adhesion expression derived above is only valid in an inert atmosphere. Many mold compounds absorb considerable amounts of moisture under humid conditions and also contain a variety of release agents and lubricants. In the pres­ ence of these materials, affinity to both adherend and substrate has to be reconsid­ ered. 3 Epoxy Resin Lead Frame (0 Schematic illustration of (a) 180° peel test specimen, [b) tab pull test specimen, and (c) button shear test specimen.

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