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Careers in Social and Rehabilitation Services, 2nd Edition by Geraldine Garner

By Geraldine Garner

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Some become involved in pre-sentencing investigations of convicted criminals, and some become involved in the investigations of custody suits. Clinical These social workers participate in the treatment of patients under the care of psychiatrists and psychologists in mental health institutions. Chapter 6 provides more detailed information about this particular area of social work. Industry These social workers are usually members of the human resources departments of business and industry in an effort to address such issues as improved productivity, worker safety, employee turnover, and chronic absenteeism.

D. programs. D. student a graduate fellowship or assistantship, which pays for tuition and fees and provides a monthly living stipend while completing doctoral studies. These graduate fellowships and assistantships go to the best students applying for entry into the program. Therefore, it is important to do well in the undergraduate program and gain related experience through internships, practica, or cooperative education. Completion of a graduate program approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) is important.

Many of them establish a private practice alone or with a larger group of professionals. W. W. org EMPLOYMENT SERVICES 5 Work activities that are valued by society and that give an individual a feeling of purpose are as important to people with disabilities as they are to abled individuals. Therefore, rehabilitation services professionals who work in the area of employment services strive to provide employment and training opportunities to a wide variety of people in a wide variety of circumstances.

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