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Carboranes by Russell N. Grimes

By Russell N. Grimes

Carboranes, 3rd Edition, by way of Russell Grimes, is the definitive source at the topic. thoroughly up-to-date with a wealth of analysis and evaluation articles released during this lively box because the prior quantity was once published in 2011, the publication presents a readable and concise creation to the elemental rules underlying the synthesis, constructions, and reactions of carboranes, heterocarboranes, and metallacarboranes. Following the dear foundational info, the ebook explores the advances in useful purposes for the numerous components within which specialists have chanced on that carboranes find the money for new chances for fixing difficulties and advancing the technology. those disciplines contain polymer technology, catalysis, biomedicine, nanomaterials, and others.

  • Includes over 2,000 molecular constitution drawings through the text
  • Features elevated insurance on purposes of carboranes, relatively in biomedicine and nanomaterials, given the expansion of analysis in those areas
  • Presents prolonged and up-to-date tables, directory hundreds of thousands of compounds with key literature references, supplied on-line through the book’s website
  • Explores the advances in sensible purposes for the numerous components during which specialists have chanced on that carboranes find the money for new probabilities for fixing difficulties and advancing the science

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The compound 2-MeCB5Et5H3 resists oxidation, reacting with atmospheric O2 only very slowly (months) and showing little reactivity toward H2O2 in the presence of H2SO4. It is stable on pyrolysis up to 180 °C; above that temperature, it decomposes to give alkyl derivatives of small closo-carboranes and other products [61]. Calculations [135] on the four possible monomethyl derivatives of nido-2-CB5H9 indicate that their relative stabilities are in the order 3-Me > 4-Me > 1-Me > 2-Me, and experimentally [135] it has been found that the 3-Me and 4-Me derivatives are in thermal equilibrium at 225 °C.

The air-stable iron compound, unlike its “carbons-adjacent” analogue H2Fe(2,3-Et2C2B4H4)2 mentioned earlier, shows no tendency to undergo oxidative ligand fusion to form C4B8 carboranes. Most of the known chemistry of nido-2,4-C2B4 clusters centers on the synthesis of metal sandwich complexes, as described in Chapters 12 and 13. 5 Arachno- and Hypho-C2B4Hx Clusters Like some molecules described earlier in this chapter, several open-cage 6-vertex carbon-boron species have “borderline” structures that can be described as organoboranes and/or as open-cage carboranes (Table 4-8).

Small Carboranes: Four- to Six-Vertex Clusters Chapter 4 37 H C B H − H H B H B F− H B B Na+ H H H B C B C H C H B F H H B H B B Me3Si C C Li0 , naphthalene H 2 LiL+ B C H B SiMe3 2− B H Me3Si L H L = THF or TMEDA B C B SiMe3 H H FIGURE 4-7 Conversions of closo-1,6-C2B4H6 to nido-2,4-C2B4H6-5-F2 and of closo-1,2-(Me3Si)2C2B4H4 to nido-2,4(Me3Si)2C2B4H422. Nido-2,4-C2B4H7À can also be obtained from the 7-vertex closo-carborane 2,4-C2B5H7, via treatment with LiNR2 reagents (R ¼ Me, Et, CHMe2) in acetonitrile at room temperature [215].

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