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Bordering on Obsession (Harlequin Blaze Series #96) by Susan Kearney

By Susan Kearney

Only one evening. that is all it's going to take to fulfill Maggie Miller's starvation for her boss, motion picture genius Quinn Scott. yet how can she get him into her mattress, while Quinn sees her in basic terms as his ever-efficient secretary? Then a masquerade get together on his calendar supplies her a depraved idea....A blue costume, a feathered masks, a French accessory. while Maggie places them on, she turns into a distinct girl. a person shockingly daring, wickedly horny. an individual Quinn can't, won't resist...After spending the main very good evening of her existence in Quinn's palms, Maggie realizes she's miscalculated. One evening isn't really approximately adequate. And given Quinn's frenzied makes an attempt to discover the identification of his secret woman, he is received it simply as badly.

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She’d stewed for long enough about the possibilities. It was time to act. She could do this. ” Chapter 2 Hotel Vendaz perched on the top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the lavish grounds a sparkling setting for hosting a masquerade party. The impressive staff greeted repeat customers by name. The waiters were familiar with their wealthy and famous guests’ favorite foods. A. The bar, polished and dark, where patrons could drink and sample complimentary hors d’oeuvres, did a brisk business, not much different than twenty years ago.

Quinn prided himself on his reputation for picking the best actress for the part on the basis of ability, not on whether or not he had a personal relationship with her. So Laine had no reason to try to begin a relationship with him. He couldn’t see what she hoped to gain and that not only confused him, but puzzled and intrigued him. What did she want? A rewrite of the script to make her part bigger? A role for a lover? A larger fee? Or was he simply suspicious when there was no reason to be? Apparently the language barrier was going to be more difficult than he’d anticipated.

But after all her elaborate scheming she was not yet ready to flee—not when the passion she craved was so close to fruition. She stepped back, almost tripped in her haste. “It’s your turn to take something off,” she told him, forcing a playful tone into her French accent. He loosened his tie. Tossed it onto a chair. “More,” she demanded. He slipped out of his jacket and took a step toward her. She shook her head. ” With a wry lift of his lips, he reached for his belt and her mouth went dry. Quinn might call the shots at the office but not here.

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