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Biology of Sea Turtles, Volume 3 by Jeanette Wyneken

By Jeanette Wyneken

Sea turtles have existed for hundreds of thousands of years, making them attention-grabbing topics of research. within the final two decades, the technological know-how of sea turtle biology has accelerated at an exponential cost, resulting in significant advances in lots of components. This booklet synthesizes the result of those advances and makes a speciality of how those endangered marine reptiles function in, adapt to, and are based upon specific good points in their marine Read more...

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This chapter highlights aspects of sea turtle physiology relevant to their ability to exploit the marine realm, where they face numerous threats such as incidental capture in fisheries, oil pollution, marine debris, and alterations in abiotic and biotic environmental conditions due to climate change. The following case studies highlight the importance of integrating physiological data with behavioral, ecological, and demographic data to provide the most comprehensive picture of how sea turtles are Physiology as Integrated Systems 23 impacted by alterations to their environment.

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