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Autophagiography by A & N

By A & N

A & N. Autophagiography. ISBN-13: 978-0692234204. ISBN-10: 0692234209. gnOme, 2014. 192 pp. $12.00.

A actual tale, sizzling off the wine presses of the guts. anything indescribable happened. Communications ensued, turning into a saintly self-eating approach whose vermicular path is that this e-book. half romance, half mystical discussion, half melodrama, Autophagiography is a ( )hole record of most unlikely love and friendship among actual inexistent folks. the consequences may well astonish you.

Contents: I. ALP, a.k.a. Resent Morning Prayer. II. Scars of the Horizon. III. New existence. IV. Saintly communique: A Rule. V. Postscripts

“Bitten tough via the Autophagiography‘s ‘spiral ouroboros’ whilst focus is dissipated between its narrative peculiarities, cultural allusions, codes, and ceaseless diversions, i'll attempt to be able to speak about it . . . ” — Nick Land

” . . . an important unintended test in documentary authorship, an ‘as-is’ e-book with numerous pleasant surprises and contradictions . . . the perception and modifying of Autophagiography turns into a huge a part of the narrative itself, in order that the textual content actually and narratively eats itself into its personal genuine current, like a few form of big love-child proverbially devouring the authors out in their inexistent sub-oceanic condominium and residential: ‘The monster is the following and that i can't cease it, I don’t wish it ever to close up. no matter what occurs during this existence there'll be the fault of this cataclysmic now screaming to me, deafening me with the echo of a deformity that I continuously used to be’ (73) . . . you'll purely desire with out wish that its authors by some means locate happiness during this sphere or the following, or not less than in a unusual new someplace that's neither.” — nameless, “Eating your self to L( )ve,” HTMLGIANT

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Serve as extra pair of eyes or whatever. N What can I say? It’s so normally mad what is happening! I am forever caught between dream and wakefulness... Maybe this is paradise indeed! Of course it is paradise. Where else could it possibly be? I will email you and _ in separate thread in a second. ;-) You are completely mad! I am so embarrassed to write to ______, I am afraid of him, I don’t know why :) Maybe because I appreciate him so much. Not that I appreciate you less but somehow we got more used to the game of embarrassment.

The amorphous flesh of thinking screams its inhumanity, our inhumanity. ” (CL Passion GH). We are as impossible as thinking, on the brink of definitions, so madly finite that we are born of extinction. Left with a thinking as mere reflection of our own look in the eyes of impossibility. Against any inference, this mirror hall of impossibility and thinking is the most honest schizo-tactics, the monstrous sight of ourselves in our purely reflexive mode. The only possible cognitive acceleration: thinking is not to run thoughts but to run away from thoughts.

Everything is in order ;-) Just read with pleasure your “extremely disheveled raw thoughts,” which seem not disheveled at all. More like you are dancing with your own shadow, a self playing hide and seek with its several bodies out in the open, in the sunlight! A light that shines upon the 53 AUTOPHAGIOGRAPHY blackness of all things. There is thought, and there is an ‘I’, but before and after them is a third present, an EYE which sees and shines darkly upon them both, filling the space around and between and inside them.

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