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Asymmetric Reactions and Processes in Chemistry by Ernest L. Eliel

By Ernest L. Eliel

content material: methods for uneven synthesis as directed towards typical items / Barry M. Trost --
man made regulate resulting in usual items / Teruaki Mukaiyama --
uneven synthesis of chiral tertiary alcohols in excessive enantiomeric extra / Ernest L. Eliel, Jorma okay. Koskimies, Bruno Lohri, W. Jack Frazee, Susan Morris-Natschke, Joseph E. Lynch, and Kenso Soai --
Acyclic stereoselection through the aldol condensation / Clayton H. Heathcock --
uneven carbon-carbon bond forming reactions through chiral chelated intermediates : diastereoselective uneven synthesis of 1,2-disubstituted cycloalkanecarboxaldehydes / Kenji Koga --
uneven carbon-carbon bond forming reactions through chiral oxazolines / Albert I. Meyers --
hugely selective synthesis with novel metal reagents / Hitosi Nozaki, Tamejiro Hiyama, Koichiro Oshima, and Kazuhiko Takai --
Novel methods to the uneven synthesis of peptides / Iwao Ojima --
uneven carbon-carbon bond formation utilizing enantiomerically natural vinylic sulfoxides / Gary H. Posner, John P. Mallamo, Kyo Miura, and Martin Hulce --
uneven reactions : a problem to the economic chemist / Gabriel Saucy and Noal Cohen --
Stereochemistry of heterogeneous uneven catalytic hydrogenation / Kaoru Harada --
uneven Grignard cross-coupling catalyzed through chiral phosphine-nickel and phosphine-palladium complexes / Tamio Hayashi --
Rhodium(I) catalyzed enantioselective hydrogen migration of prochiral allylamines / ok. Tani, T. Yamagata, S. Otsuka, S. Akutagawa, H. Kumobayashi, T. Taketomi, H. Takaya, A. Miyashita, and R. Noyori --
software of immobilized enzymes for uneven reactions / Ichiro Chibata --
uneven synthesis utilizing cofactor-requiring enzymes / George M. Whitesides, Chi-Huey Wong, and Alfred Pollak --
Mechanistic issues of biomimetic uneven discount rates / Atsuyoshi Ohno --
Stereochemistry of one-carbon move reactions / Heinz G. Floss --
an invaluable and with ease obtainable chiral desk bound part for the liquid chromatographic separation of enantiomers / William H. Pirkle, John M. Finn, Bruce C. bog down, James Schreiner, and James R. Pribish --
New uneven reactions utilizing (S)-2-aminomethylpyrrolidine derivatives / Masatoshi Asami --
Liquid chromatographic answer of enantiomeric [alpha]-amino acid derivatives making use of a chiral diamide section / Shoji Hara, Akira Dobashi, and Masakatzu Eguchi --
uneven relief with chiral NADH version compounds / Yuzo Inouye --
uneven hydrogenation of cyclic dipeptides containing [alpha], [beta]-dehydroamino acid residues and next coaching of optically natural [alpha]-amino acids / Nobuo Izumiya.

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