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Analysis and Synthesis of MOS Translinear Circuits by Remco J. Wiegerink

By Remco J. Wiegerink

This e-book has its roots in an concept first formulated by way of Barrie Gilbert in 1975. He confirmed how bipolar analog circuits can observe nonlinear and computational features. This prolonged the analog paintings from linear to nonlinear purposes, accordingly the identify trans linear circuits. not just did this new precept allow marvellous sign processing services to be adequately applied, but additionally the circuits have been basic and useful. The perennial difficulties of analog Ie layout, specifically temperature sensitivity, processing unfold, machine nonlinearity and paracitic capacitance have been solved to a wide quantity. utilizing the trans linear precept in circuit layout calls for altering your viewpoint in methods. First, the grossly nonlinear attribute of transistors is considered as an asset instead of as a damaging estate. moment, not are the signs represented by way of voltages, yet via currents. actually, the attendant voltage alterations are distorted yet, as they're very small, they're simply of secondary curiosity. realizing and reading a given trans linear circuit within reason simple. yet what concerning the communicate scenario: believe you are given a few nonlinear or computational functionality to enforce? how to define an appropriate translinear circuit awareness? the final challenge of analog circuit synthesis is a tricky one and is receiving a lot consciousness these days. a few years in the past, I had the chance to enquire tools for designing bipolar trans linear circuits. It grew to become out that translinear networks have a few detailed topological homes. utilizing those homes it was once attainable to set up heuristic synthesis procedures.

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3-12)1 fig. 3-12 The current source l(VcomJ infig. 3-12 can easily be implemented by a differential pair. 00/dlY (UA) figĀ· 3-13 Measured currents IN and Ip and the resulting value of1IN + tip as afonction ofI(Vco",} (=IIN) in the circuit offig. 3-11. The value ofIre/was 251JA. 5. Example: vector sum function In this section the MTL network shown in fig. 3-14 will be analyzed. This circuit was published recently [9]. The circuit contains two trans linear loops and realizes the Another circuit that realizes the same function well-known vector sum function in only one translinear loop was presented in [10].

3-6(b). Before analyzing this circuit using the systematic method presented in the previous section, we will explain the circuit's operation graphically. In fig. 3-7, the drain currents ofM3 and M4 (corresponding to Ip and IN, respectively) are both plotted as a function of the voltage at the gate of M4 (node 3). This is easily done, because the sum of the gate-source voltages of M3 and M4 is constant. We can now derive the value of IN resulting from the input current Ip as indicated by the dashed line in the figure.

In the next chapters some examples will be given of how circuits can be improved by applying these techniques. The current range for square-law behaviour of the MOS transistor is restricted to 1 or 2 decades, which is a significant disadvantage compared to bipolar transistors. Therefore, in most cases compensation techniques to reduce the influence of second order effects will be necessary. In the next chapter, a systematic analysis method will be developed to analyze MTL networks of any complexity.

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