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Alphanetics by Owen Skousen

By Owen Skousen

A five cassette direction for deveoping swift analyzing. additionally includes guide.

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Sample text

You will be surprised at how well you do remember. PRACTICING REMEMBERING Here’s a simple exercise to help develop your understanding and remembering: Open your book to any page. Choose any rather lengthy paragraph. Begin to read, moving as fast as you can and still be able to understand a little. Push yourself. Then, remember. Ask yourself: 1. What was the paragraph about? 2. Could you explain what the paragraph said in your own words? 3. Can you state the details of the paragraph? -48- Do the same thing again, with another paragraph, in another part of your book.

DO IT NOW! Continue to practice looking as you are instructed. Focus your eyes just under the print and move your eyes along the white area beneath the print. It may be difficult not to look directly at the print, but concentrate and consciously look beneath the print at your imaginary line. Don’t Using the Thumb as a Pointer (Illust. No. 8) try to read or understand. Move your eyes rapidly and smoothly. Notice how smoothly your eyes move when they are focused under the line, rather than directly at the print.

Continue listening and moving as you are instructed. DO IT NOW! You are starting at 40 beats, per minute. Move line by line, staying with the beat. You may be able to read most of the words as you move smoothly over the lines at this speed. That is good. This beat is taking you faster than you probably read normally. Don’t stop your smooth movement. Follow your hand if you need to, but move smoothly. Let your eyes flow fluently as you keep moving with the beat. Use the entire beat to go over each line, then return to the next line at the beat.

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