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Advances in Pharmacology and Chemotherapy Volume 14 by Silvio Garattini

By Silvio Garattini

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This effect is accounted for by decreased phosphorylase inactivation produced by niridazole (Bueding and Fisher, 1970). In man, niridazole is slowly absorbed from the intestinal tract and is rapidly destroyed in the liver. The drug concentration in the portal blood is several times higher than in the peripheral blood. The process of absorption takes several hours, its maximum duration being 10-15 hours. The metabolites produced in the human body are eliminated from the blood more slowly than the unchanged active substance.

They then recommended that, in acute cases, patients should be treated with 2 doses of hycanthone, allowing 1 week between doses. Pilot projects for schistosomiasis control in the endemic areas of 40 NAFTALE KATZ different countries showed the possibility of treating the great majority of infected patients after clinical examiations. The drug toxic effects and counterindications, howerver, preclude its use for mass treatment. , 1970b). Among more than 300,000 patients so far treated with hycanthone, 40 severe adverse reactions of various kinds have been reported, including 20 fatalities (2-5 days after treatment), 17 of them being associated with hepatic necrosis, which, in some cases, was also aggravated by other diseases (WHO, 1972).

1971). Sherif et al. (1971) achieved 89% cure after treating 1095 bilharzial patients, infected with either S. haematobium o r S. 7 mg/kg to 4 mg. In one group, hycanthone was administered with the multidose gun. Farid et al. 0 mg/kg. haematobium patients and 1 out of 10 S . mansoni patients seemed to be cured. Serial liver biopsies confirmed the development of hepatic-cell injury in 1 out of 4 patients that presented increase bromsulphalein (BSP) retention and serum transaminase levels. In newly infected patients, hycanthone displays poor activity.

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