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A workbook in redesigning public services by Leonard I. Ruchelman

By Leonard I. Ruchelman

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Through class projects, they have helped to test and refine various features of the text when in manuscript form. Their whole-hearted assistance has made this effort gratifying to say the least. Hopefully, the text will also be of value to a wider audience of citizens, policy makers and service practitioners. LEONARD RUCHELMAN OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Page 1 Chapter 1 Introduction: The Resesign Of Public Services The primary purpose of government is to provide for the health, welfare, safety and morals of its citizens.

Title. JF1411,R84 1989 350dc1988-16022 CIP 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page iii Contents Preface 1. Introduction: The Redesign of Public Services 1 2. Diagnosing Public Service Problems and Getting Organized 11 Determining Symptoms 11 Determining Causes 16 Getting Organized 18 Summary 19 3. Analyzing Service Delivery Alternatives 21 Identifying Alternative Approaches 22 Identifying Other Alternatives Where Necessary 38 Assessing Alternatives 40 Summary 46 4. Communicating the Results 49 Preparing the Draft Report 49 Reviewing the Draft Report 50 Transmitting the Final Report 53 Preparing an Implementation Workplan 53 Summary and Conclusion 54 Appendix A.

How Effective Are Your Community Services? : The Urban Institute and ICMA, 1977). 4. See Bryan D. Jones and Clifford Kaufman, "The Distribution of Urban Public Services: A Preliminary Model," Administration and Society, Vol. 6 (November 1974), pp. 337-360. 5. This is developed by Frank Levy, Arnold Melstner and Aaron Wildavsky, op. cit. 6. Sidney Verba and Norman Nie, Participation in American Politics (New York: Harper & Row, 1972), p. 31. 7. Anthony Downs, Inside Bureaucracy (Boston: Little Brown & Company, 1967), p.

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