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A Textbook of Orthodontics by T. D. Foster

By T. D. Foster

This textbook offers an knowing of the historical past of medical orthodontics, yet as a lot of scientific orthodontics has to be realized within the sanatorium, the booklet emphasises equipment layout considering this is often studied at the published web page. Divided greatly into 3 components the ebook first covers the foundations of enamel circulate and therapy making plans together with extractions. the ultimate chapters clarify the mechanisms of detachable, mounted and useful equipment treatment together with the remedy of the most classifications of malocclusion

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6 A flat or only slightly curved occlusal plane. Andrews postulated that if one or more of these features were incorrect, the occlusal relationships of the dentition could not be ideal. Andrews' 'keys' again relate particularly to static occlusion, but define features not included in Angle's classification. Some criteria for ideals of functional occlusion were outlined by Roth (1976). The following is a paraphase of Roth's concepts, which are directed towards the ensurance of the maximum masticatory efficiency consistent with the minimum traumatic loading on the teeth and supporting tissues and the muscular and skeletal masticatory apparatus.

Postural Class 3 occlusion, (a) In closure from the rest position the incisor teeth meet edge-to-edge, with the buccal teeth apart, (b) The mandible is postured forward into a Class 3 occlusion. 3% It can be seen from this that although Class 1 occlusal relationship is the ideal, it was not necessarily the normal, comprising less than half the population. The quantification of malocclusion It will be seen that the foregoing classifications of malocclusion are entirely descriptive, and do not contain any indication of the degree of 40 CHAPTER 2 discrepancy.

Crowding of the dental arches occasionally affects first permanent molar eruption, usually by causing impaction of the first permanent molar against the distal surface of the second primary molar (Fig. 12). 2 Variation in antero-posterior relationship The ideal antero-posterior relationship of the incisor teeth and the first permanent molars is not by any means always achieved during Fig. 11. Crowding affecting permanent central incisors. 57 THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE OCCLUSION OF THE TEETH Fig. 12.

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