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A Search for the Origins of Judaism: From Joshua to the by Etienne Nodet

By Etienne Nodet

Translated via J. Edward Crowley. This radical reconstruction of the origins of Judaism starts off by means of gazing that Josephus's assets at the early heritage of Israel don't trust the Bible and that the oldest rabbinic traditions convey no signal of a biblical beginning. one other fascinating query is raised by means of the Samaritan declare, on the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, they'd only in the near past got the Sabbath from the Jews. From such information, Nodet creates a accomplished line of argument that finds significant resources of Judaism, as symbolized within the subtitle of his paintings: Joshua was once the person who tested in the neighborhood in writing a statute and a legislations on the Shechem meeting, whereas the Mishnah was once the final word metamorphosis of traditions introduced from Babylon and mixed with Judaean influences.

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From Cyrus to the Mishnah 51 leaning, connected with the account in 1 Maccabees, and can be formulated in this way: the Hasmonaeans have become Sadducees, therefore bad, whereas in the beginning, namely with Judas, they were Pharisees and therefore good. The implicit conclusion suggested by Josephus is that the high priest to be desired should be a Pharisee, which is very debatable,58 and that the Sadducees have no status. Nevertheless, in considering the exploits of the leading Hasmonaeans, from Simon to Janneus, no major difference is apparent among them, relative to the point under consideration: all are high priests, all are ethnarchs or kings, all are likewise preoccupied with politics and court intrigues.

Byzantine sources, beginning with Eusebius, attribute to the Macedonian the foundation of Hellenistic cities, in particular Samaria. 37 Yet, even if he did not come to Jerusalem, as is probable, Josephus wishes to emphasize the importance of the Jews and their Temple, and by contrast the secondary character of the Samaritans and their temple. Josephus appears then to confirm the synthesis presented by Widengren. This synthesis is, however, less clear than first seems, and two difficulties are to be noted.

It is stated there that Hyrcanus disliked the Pharisees, even though he had been their disciple and much loved by them. In fact, during a banquet, when one of them asserted that Hyrcanus's mother had been a prisoner 54. The 'summaries' of each book of Ant. are sketches certainly drafted prior to the work itself and drawn from the primary source, in this case, The Jewish War, cf. E. , Flavins Josephe: Les antiquites juives, I-III (Paris: Cerf, 2nd edn, 1992), p. viii. 48 A Search for the Origins of Judaism in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, which would mean a legal incapacity for the high priesthood, he felt insulted by them all and went over to the side of the Sadducees.

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