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A Practical Guide to Basic Laboratory Andrology by Lars Bjorndahl, David Mortimer, Christopher L. R. Barratt,

By Lars Bjorndahl, David Mortimer, Christopher L. R. Barratt, Jose Antonio Castilla, Roelof Menkveld, Ulrik Kvist, Juan G. Alvarez, Trine B. Haugen

This useful, broadly illustrated guide covers the systems which are undertaken in andrology and paintings laboratories to examine and check male-factor infertility, and to organize spermatozoa to be used in assisted perception treatment. The content material is gifted as short, authoritative overviews of the proper organic history for every quarter, plus specific, step by step descriptions of the appropriate analytical tactics. each one technical part comprises pertinent quality controls issues, in addition to the optimal presentation of effects. as well as the excellent 'basic' semen research, incorporating cautious research of sperm morphology, the instruction manual presents tested thoughts for using computer-aided sperm research and sperm practical review. during the guide the translation of laboratory leads to the scientific context is highlighted, and secure laboratory perform is emphasised. it's a useful source to all scientists and technicians who practice diagnostic trying out for male-factor infertility.

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Sperm penetration through the cumulus matrix, as well as through the zona pellucida, is dependent on hyperactivated motility, which is a type of motility characterized by high-amplitude flagellar waves that generate powerful propulsive force, capable even of breaking covalent bonds [38]. After passage through the cumulus the fertilizing spermatozoon must bind to the zona pellucida (a largely species-specific process), undergo the acrosome reaction, and then penetrate through the matrix of the zona.

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